SERBIAN ROBOT CONQUERS AMERICA Our high school students made a machine that has a special task

Translated from Serbian.

Our team of high school students several months of discussions and preparation robot which in July will represent Serbia at the International Olympics in robotics in Washington.

Vladan Joksimovic, Teodora Golubovic and Lazar Švraka from the private Belgrade High School “Creative Pen” Dalibor Naspalić, Ilija Greek and Matija Djurovic, students Serbian high school “Nikola Tesla” from Budapest, and Filip Starcevic from Twelfth Belgrade High School, is being prepared for a competition that will be held from 16 to 18 July.

– From the organizers we were tasked to create a robot that will “clean up the river,” or to collect as many balls. Blue are clean water and orange waste. This part here we created to pull the balls, which are then ascend and then by color sensor detects whether to go left or right – explain the students, showing the robot around the room and gather, and then throws balls.

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