SFAX NEWS: The First Skills Club Of Sfax Participates In The “Olympic Games For Robotics” 2020 Virtually

History of Sfax

A team of inventors from the First Skills Club in Sfax is participating in the “FIRST Global Challenge” Olympic Games for Robotics virtually, due to the Corona pandemic, which started from July until September 2020.

The nominated team includes: Islam Belhaj, second year secondary school, Habib Mouzoun Institute, Qais al-Athar, third secondary school, Qamar bin Ayyad, second secondary school, Model Institute, Yusef al-Zribi, ninth primary, al-Habib al-Shabouni, and Walid Abdel-Mawla, ninth primary, Mustafa al-Salami high school.

This team was supervised by participants in previous courses Fatima Al-Raqiq, Muhammad Karim Al-Madenini and Omar Al-Qassis under the supervision of Professors Mrs. Faten Khalaf Allah and Mr. Rabeh Hammouda.

This global Olympic-style tournament hosts students from 14 to 18 years old from all over the world in a competition to create robots and participate in them in a series of experiments and events that can address and possibly provide answers to the biggest challenges facing the planet today.