Shell Operations Peru highlights status of Peruvian team in global robotic tournament in Mexico

Translated from Spanish.

Teams of students from more than 190 countries, including Peru, spent three days competing – but also collaborating – in the robotics tournament ” FIRST Global Challenge “, held in Mexico City. This year the theme of the competition was “Energy Impact” and the robot teams participated in a game that involved the delivery of different fuels to supply power to plants and build transmission networks.

In these games, three national teams make up an “Team Alliances” in which they work together to generate more energy using robots. Alliances earn points when their three robots move different pieces from one side of the field to the other. The robots transport pieces that look like small solar panels or blocks that represent transmission lines. When the robots of an alliance cooperate with the machines of their opponents, both alliances earn points for “collaboration”.

“We are very pleased to support this event that has brought together young people from all over the world so that, with their creativity and innovative ideas, we can find new solutions to shared challenges such as the challenge of generating more energy in a cleaner way,” said Alberto De La Fuente, President and CEO of Shell Mexico, who was a Silver Level Sponsor for the event. “It is important to inspire students to achieve the necessary skills that allow them to be leaders in the energy field of their countries.”

Collaborative work

For Ariana Rodríguez Valenzuela, programmer of the Peruvian team and expert in the JAVA language, the experience of being in the international competition was unique and the collaboration between them a fundamental piece.

“Robots are our future. Something that my grandparents, my parents, once dreamed and that today many people can make reality,” said Ariana in the Peruvian team “pit”, while her colleagues worked on improving their robot. “We, young people, are starting and when we grow up we can do more things, not only for ourselves but for everyone. It’s an initiative for a better world.”

The Peruvian team won the bronze medal for the “Katherine Johnson Award for Engineering Documentation”, which was given to the teams that better explained the methods they used to design their robot.

Support for Young People with Talent

“The ‘FIRST Global Challenge’ is the kind of event that Shell supports because it focuses on the development of talented young people,” said Martín Rueda, President of Shell Operations Peru. 

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