Students of the School of Robotics will participate in a global competition

Translated from Spanish.

Cintia, with her facilitator Marcos Lugo, will travel regularly to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires to receive training in the Educabot space.

The objective of the meetings of the Argentine team is that, after getting acquainted, they are integrated into a joint work that allows the preparation, assembly and testing of the official robotics kits that will be facilitated by the organizers of the competition.

For the global competition, each country was invited to send a team to participate in the challenge that aims to “foster understanding and cooperation among the world’s youth, as they use their skills to solve problems.”

This year’s theme is the energy impact: it ranges from commonly used fossil fuels to ecological resources, such as solar and wind energy. And the purpose is to explore the impact of different types of energy, and how to make them more sustainable.

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