Suriname joins FG Robotics Challenge 2017

Translated from Dutch.

Ivana Codrington (16), Ayan Jhagroe (16), Shayant Sital (18) will participate on behalf of Suriname at the inaugural FIRST Global Challenge, held in Washington D.C., America from 16 to 18 July 2017. Daniel Lachman (technical team mentor) goes along as their supervisor. Suriname is one of the 163 countries participating in the FIRST Global Challenge.

The theme of the games, this year is Provide Access to Clean Water (Providing access to clean drinking water). The national teams participating in this international competition will travel with a self-built robot that will be able to successfully tackle the simulated global problem of contaminated river water on the H2O flow game field between two alliances (each consisting of teams from 3 countries).

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