Suriname Robotics Team meets Vice President of Suriname

PARAMARIBO – The Suriname Robotics Team, consisting of Shayant (18), Ayan(16) and Ivana (16), was received in audience by the Vice President of the Republic of Suriname H.E. Mr. Ashwin Adhin on August 17, 2017. The meeting identified a greater incorporation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — STEM — in the curriculum of Suriname’s education system and its day-to-day application. The team shared their experience about the FIRST Global Robotics Challenge and mentioned the topics they had liked about the event.  For example STEM in the workplace. Furthermore, how to support innovative startups was an interesting issue, as well as the implementation of the IT-technology in Suriname, improving the existing systems.They also shared their ideas on how to strengthen the participation of the future Robotics teams.