Talent knows no boundaries: Serbian students represent our country at the International Robotics Olympics

Serbia Today

Translated from Serbian.

At the suggestion of the International FIRST Committee Association (FIRST Global), a team of students (Arman Lupša and Petar Rogić) and students (Nina Latinović, Nikolina Milosavljević, Jelena Tomašević, Nina Pešić, Sara Jašović, Sofija Kurćubić and Una Žarković) of the Gymnasium “Kreativno pero”, together with their mentors, Vuk Vujović and Aleksandra Nedeljković, will represent our country at the International Robotics Olympiad.

Although the circumstances in which the whole world finds itself prevented this year’s gathering of young robotics players from over 200 countries of the world in one place, they did not prevent their socializing and competition “at a distance”.

Namely, the organizers of the competition were successful in devising a new way of holding the FIRST Global Challenge and thus enabled students around the world to develop their love and skills in the STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) during the pandemic. How different than technology!

By fulfilling a combination of challenges in designing creative and educational content for social networks, technical challenges aimed at constructing smaller robotic systems, online interviews with the most prominent STEM experts and lectures on the latest robotics techniques, teams collect points required for placement in the overall ranking of the competition. The FIRST Global Challenge will last a little over three months this year, and at the end of September, the team with the highest total number of points will be declared the winning team in 2020.

The main goal of this project is to raise awareness of the importance of STEM careers, as a perspective for the development of young people and to support intercultural cooperation and exchange. STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of ​​education in four specific disciplines – science, technology, engineering and mathematics, which are integrated through an interdisciplinary approach. This year, an additional and most important goal is in the very name of the competition: FIRST Global Challenge 2020 – Connecting Communities. Exactly that, connecting young people from all communities of the world at the moment when everyone needs it the most, and through their common love for robotics.