Lokantar: Team Nepal competing in FIRST Global Challenge – International Robot Olympics

Kathmandu, 4 September (2020) – FIRST Global Challenge – International Robot Olympics 2020 is being held online with the theme of “Connecting Communities”, where all countries have participated along with Nepal.

This year, Team Nepal is formed with Team Mentors Er. Manoj Lekhak, Er. Niraj Pradhan and Team Members Udbhav Ghimire, Ronen Acharya, Lucky Shah, Aabhiskar Chhetri and Prabesh Shrestha. The 2020 FIRST Global Challenge, Connecting Communities is an online event, so it releases weekly challenges via social media.

There are two types of challenges, one is a Social Media Challenge that requires submitting contents in response to various prompts, and the other one is Technical Challenge, where teams have to build a project which creates a positive impact in the community. FIRST Global is encouraging and promoting creativity, technical skills, life skills, social skills of students around the world.

Team Nepal has completed all the challenges released till now, where other challenges are being released soon. One of the challenges was to choose an issue that needs to be addressed and to build a project that will create an impact in the local community as well as the whole nation.

Team Nepal identified the issues raised due to this pandemic and developed a Personal Service Assistant Robot (PSAR) to serve COVID-19 Patients and to almost isolate the medical professional from the patient to avoid transmission of the virus.

Team Nepal has participated in STEM Talk programs and shared their opinions on the importance of STEM Education. Team Nepal has reached Government officials to promote STEM Education, its importance and ways to deliver STEM Education all over in Nepal. Team Nepal has spread knowledge about STEM through animation via social media. Team Nepal has got a platform to show a variety of skills and knowledge to the world.

The formation of Team Nepal was delayed by issues created by COVID 19, due to which it had to bear loss on the bonus points from the challenges, that Team Nepal could not participate in. Now, Team Nepal is ranked 67 in position while the total points calculation is in process as we have a lot more challenges coming soon.