The Independent Probe: Team Liberia – Inspiring science and technology the best remedy for globalization

Liberia national robotic team, FIRST (For Inspiration and recognition of science and technology) Global Team has over the years represented the millions of youth across Liberia who have the passion for Science Technology engineering and mathematics education on the international stage.

FIRST Global Team Liberia believed that the youth of Liberia and the world can show that if they can learn how to cooperate and work together using the tools of science and engineering to find solutions to the world grand challenges which include water, energy, security, medicine, food and, education, they will learn who to work with each other trust each other and become part of truly global community.

Meanwhile, the above can’t be achieve in the absent of inspiring science and technology whereas leadership and innovation will increase among youth by understanding and knowing the important of cooperation in making Liberia a better place by addressing the world’s most pressing issue.

FIRST Global Team Liberia being the country national robotic team has represented the country in various international robotic competitions over the years acquiring cultural diversity, collaboration and finding solutions to problem affecting Liberia and the world.

In order to building a vibrate STEM Education system, FIRST Global Team Liberia are building a platform that will incorporate both the privileged and underprivileged Liberia youth from the fifteen (15) sub political division across Liberia where the youth can share knowledge of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) innovations, discovering the unreached potential from Liberia’s soil and surrounding, inventing everyday used materials, designing structural material and equipment that are needed in building a whole new Liberia through the research and innovations of Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics.

All Liberians have a dream of a better Liberia, therefore, FIRST Global Team Liberia is encouraging National Government, foreign investors, developmental actors and all citizens and foreigners residing in Liberia that it is achievable through the help of supporting Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education with in the various high schools across Liberia.