The Andorra National Robotics Team finishes 15th in the FIRST Global Challenge held in Dubai

Andorra Diffusion

(Translated from Catalan)

Andorra stands among the best in the world in robotics thanks to the great role of the national robotics team that finished in the 15th position of the FIRST Global Challenge held in Dubai, an international competition in which 189 countries participated this year.

The national robotics team finished in the fifteenth position of the FIRST Global Challenge held in Dubai, an international competition in which 189 teams participated. The Andorran team has achieved this historic result after a great preparation.

In addition to achieving this good position in the individual mode, the team also played quarterfinals in conjunction with other teams, a modality that allows them to relate to other countries.

This year, the objective of the competition was to build a robot that was able to collect and encumber balls so that it could achieve points, yes, always with the pieces provided by the organization.

In the absence of a year for the next competition the national team is already beginning to prepare and seek sponsors to try to repeat or improve this historic position.

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