The Moldova national robotics team will participate in the FIRST Global Olympics. Here’s how you can support it


The National Robotics Team of the Republic of Moldova will participate, on October 24-27, 2019, in the third edition of the international robotics Olympiad – FIRST Global Challenge. The competition will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and will bring together over 175 teams from around the world.
The mission of the FIRST Global Challenge is to inspire young people to become leaders in science, technology and innovation, contributing to increasing the level of understanding and cooperation in addressing the most pressing problems facing humanity and improving the quality of life for everyone.

The Moldovan team is made up of seven members: Adrian Copaci, Cristian Comendant, Elena Graur, Nicolae Mihalache, Cosmin Ciorbă, Dorina Levca and Mihai Eșanu. In order to ensure the participation of the team in the event, it requires about $ 2,000 . You can meet the team and contribute to the fundraising campaign by accessing the team’s official website on the competition website .

The preparations for the competition represent a real challenge for the young engineers in the future, and the effort, perseverance and dedication invested by the national members are impressive. They went through a true engineering and innovation experience, designing, building, programming and testing the robot to fulfill the tasks of the competition. The theme of the current edition, entitled “Ocean Opportunities”, involves the creation of a robot that simulates the collection of solid wastes from the oceans and their transport to processing stations.

Every year, millions of tons of polluting substances, generated by human activity, are discharged into the oceans, adversely affecting marine life and the existence of the global population. FIRST Global Challenge 2019 draws attention to this critical issue in order to increase the level of information and to encourage us to take effective actions to preserve our oceans. Participating teams will learn about the real challenges of ocean cleaning.

We recall that at the previous edition of the Olympics, held in Mexico, with the theme “Renewable Energy”, the national of Moldova in robotics was bronze medal, ranking after Romania and Singapore, in the category “Grand Challenge Award Most Cumulative Points” (The prize for most points accumulated), noting through outstanding performances and the efficiency of the robot.

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