The Quest for STEM Education in Pakistan

“Everybody here is working together, loaning each other batteries, tools, helping each other fix programming issues to lift each other up,” Participant, First Global Challenge 2017.

Imagine a world that is not divided by politics, hatred and war…. a world where every nation helps its neighbors, and a world where we realize that our common interests greatly outweigh our differences.

It might seem like a Utopian dream but Segway inventor Dean Kamen made it possible even if only for a few days when almost 850 students from 160 countries gathered at DAR Constitution Hall’s auditorium in Washington D.C to take part in the First Global Challenge 2017 (FGC2017).

Politics divides the world; technology can unite the world” – FIRST Global Founder Dean Kamen

FIRST Global hopes to inspire young people to get interested in STEM education so that the deeply intertwined subjects… Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics… can be applied to seek solutions to real life challenges that plague our world today.

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