The team from the Armmatts returned from the FIRST Global Robot Competition


Translated from Armenian.

The regional team of Armmat Engineering Laboratory Network, which recently took part in the FIRST Global Robotics Competition in Mexico, was included in the top 48 countries (ranked 15th) according to the 180 participating countries and passed to the final stage. According to the results of the lottery, in the final Armenia was on a team with Jamaica and Mauritius. The team has completed its participation at this stage.

Karen Vardanyan, executive director of the Union of Leading Technology Enterprises (AEO), founder of “Armat” educational network, notes: “The engineering component of the Armenian team was quite strong. Our team was also distinguished by the negotiation skills. The complexity of the competition lies in the fact that with which countries do they share the draw? Most of the students in the community after completing their task in the field have also committed themselves to the task of the team-mates. In other words, not only is the high index of one country but also the readiness of the teammates. The example of what he said is that even the Japanese team has not even made it to the final, and the United States team has only made the first set in the final, as the joint team of Armenia, Jamaica and Mauritius.”

K. Vardanyan underlines that participation in FIRST Global was an invaluable experience for the pupils of the community. They have held dozens of games, with teams of more than 40 countries, which also require communication intercultural skills. Valuable experience of children will be provided by UITE as much as possible in other robot-design competitions conducted by the Union in Armenia.

By the way, UITE plans to turn Armenia into a center of robot tournaments where the emphasis will be on self-managed robots. The Union will issue a separate statement on this matter.

It should be noted that Armenia’s participation in the FIRST Global Robotics Competition became possible thanks to the support of Ucom and Ameriabank partners of the FIRST Global Armenia team.

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