There is an entirely new kind of international Olympics. Slovakia will be represented by the Galileo School team from Bratislava

Translated from Slovak.

FIRST Global launches an entirely new kind of Olympics, this time focusing on the invention of the young generation. The Slovak team will take on the highly determined, hard-working students of the bilingual gymnasium of Galileo School in Bratislava.

Viliam, the two Martinovia, Andrej, Braňo, Lukáš, Alex and Dominik combine their interest in robotics, the ability to learn new things quickly, and the motivation to constantly improve in order to successfully represent Slovakia at the FIRST Global International Olympiad in Robotics. Each of the selected students is a unique personality with their own hobbies from music, sports to science. What they have in common is an interest in physics, robotics and programming. Virtually the last quarter, i.e. Since the robot kit was delivered to Slovakia, students from the Slovak team spent intensive work on themselves and on the robot.

The competition is being prepared not only by constantly designing, building, programming, testing and then improving the robot. Their role is represented by Slovakia in the best light, which also includes, for example, filming a representative video with commentary in English and Slovak.

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