What a Feat! Misiones won the 2019 Robotics Cup and will represent Argentina in the World Cup


Translated from Spanish.

A group of students from different high schools in the province came out in the first place with their robot named “Julito”, which can perform cleaning tasks in polluted oceans. The team will compete in October in a world tournament in Dubai.

A huge feat for a province of just over a million inhabitants, which highlights the importance of the disbursement made in education in Misiones, where the annual budget allocates a large portion to that area.

Young missionaries left the province at the top and caused pride in the entire population. The students got a place in the “FIRST Global Challenge”, the Robotics World Championship to be held at the end of October in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The brand-new winners traveled to Buenos Aires to compete in the 2019 Robotics Cup and ended up achieving the ultimate goal, which is to win the competition and represent the country in the next World Cup.

Visibly excited, facilitators and students thanked for the support to represent Misiones and the whole country in Dubai, where they will travel in October to a world tournament where they will present their baptized robot “Julito” in homage to a facilitator teacher who was part of the project and died two weeks before this competition in a sinister road accident while traveling to a robotics competition in Chaco.

Lt. Governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad, elected governor, used his Twitter account to highlight the great achievement of young missionaries.

The captain of the missionary team, Azul Silva, told Télam that “mentoring teachers promoted robotics activities in schools throughout the province and so they were seeing which were the most enthusiastic kids with the idea to summon us to be part of this team.”

“Building the robot took us two months, which were very intense work to solve every problem that arose and to be able to integrate as a team because we are all between 13 and 19 years old and we come from very different places in the province,” he said.

“There are many things we want to improve on ‘Julito’, and we are very excited to be able to represent Argentina and all these guys from all the provinces that arrived here with the same passion as us in Dubai,” he added.

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