Young Arabs showcase tech talent at FIRST Global Challenge 2019 in Dubai


DUBAI, 26th October, 2019 (WAM) — His passion for programming and robotics, and his dream to develop his skills in Artificial Intelligence, AI, motivated Amjad Hamed to lead the Palestinian team to compete in the FIRST Global Challenge 2019 in Dubai.

“Participating in this global tournament allows us to learn about new cultures and gain diverse experience in employing technology to create future applications that will benefit communities,” Amjad says.

Meanwhile, his teammate Shaymaa Ladadwa is excited to share her dreams and ambitions with young people from different continents. The team also includes Omar Saleh, Moayad Yousef and Qais Khatib.

On the other side of the competition arena, Team Egypt agrees on the importance of global cooperation in preserving the marine environment, and of raising public awareness about the vital role of oceans in maintaining an ecological balance.

“I feel very sad when I see the high level of global negligence towards the environment, especially since I live in a coastal city that suffers from waste thrown in the water. I hope that we contribute to the international efforts to develop innovative solutions that utilise robotics and AI technologies to shape a cleaner world,” says one of the team members.

Another team member points out that protecting the oceans – the theme of this year’s competition – is everyone’s responsibility and people must play their part to support relevant local and international campaigns.

Team supervisor Laila Abdullah says, “Team Egypt holds the successful track record of participating in more than 10 national and international robotics competitions. After competing in the first two editions of the FIRST Global Challenge in Washington and Mexico City, we’ have come to Dubai with five ambitious contestants. Our team members from Young Leaders Academy in Alexandria – Abdelrahman El Shabiny, Mamdouh El Sherif, Tarek El Sherif, Hana El Bana, and Sondos Omar – are passionate about leveraging their innovative ideas to improve the standards of living worldwide.”

Since his childhood, Abdelrahman has suffered from haemophilia, which prompted his family to prevent him from playing with other children in his neighbourhood and with his friends from school for fear of his health. This led the boy to discover the world of technology and robots, and establish a new life that refuses to surrender to the disease. His teammates are convinced that coming this far with them is a triumph of Abdelrahman’s never-say-die spirit.

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