Young missionaries will participate in FIRST Global, the international robotics competition

Translated from Spanish.

This is Marcos Lugo, an electronic engineer facilitator of the School of Robotics and Cyntia Beutler, student, who will assist representing Argentina to the FIRST Global Challenge 2018 to be held in Mexico City from August 15 to 18. “Every Saturday they work on the presentation they will make with 5 other young people from Buenos Aires. This is the first time that young people from another province have participated,” said national deputy Flavia Morales, former coordinator of the School of Robotics.

Representatives from 160 countries will participate to solve energy efficiency problems with robots created by them. So Morales stressed that even in difficult contexts “we think positive and move forward as taught by Carlos Rovira, driver of the political space to which I belong.”

Lugo, on his part, when asked about the characteristics of the event reported that “the competition, in the way it is organized, invites us to join teams from other countries competing in a scenario where they converge as one. They are alliances that are formed. We are going to form it with countries that we still do not know and in two or three days, we will have to work with them there. It is a negotiation that takes place between the different countries.” He later recalled that robotics is the conjunction of electronics, with mechanics and programming.

They explained that here they work in the making of a robot that they will later disarm and they will have to reassemble in Mexico, to participate in the event. On her side Cyntia, who was at the Arnoldo Janssen Institute, said she was interested in robotics because of the possibility it offers of constant innovation. At the same time that after this international experience, it is her intention to pursue a career in mechatronics engineering, in which robotics, electronic mechanics, computer science and control systems converge. The one that takes place in Mendoza.

On his side, Morales said that is what they propose to the university system: “not to repeat so many traditional races, but to venture into these new ones that in fact are alluding to a reality that is no longer of the future but of our present”.

On the other hand, he said that it is the intention, afterwards, to work on the holding of regional events. South America is somewhat behind in terms of the international events that are taking place in this area.

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