Young people from Limón will represent the country in a world robotics meeting in Dubai

A group of youth from Limón will represent Costa Rica with the participation of its robotics team in the First Global Challege 2019, which will take place this year in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

Joustin Romero, Johary Hunter, Cassidy Recio Brenes, Keissy Nickengs Hamblin and Ellián Fernández Chacón are all young people from 15 to 17 years old who discovered their passion for robotics at the Lemon Mayor Public Library Thomas Benjamin Lynch thanks to the American Corner program.

The AC Maker Space Limón Club of Legos-Robotics program was created in December 2016. Its main objective was to present LEGO projects to the community and the US embassy, ​​however its impressive work and a video on the facebook page of the The embassy got four young people from Lemon an invitation to the global FIRST 2017 held in Washington, USA.

In 2018 they were again invited as one of the 160 countries to participate in the global FIRST Mexico 2018. Thanks to the enormous effort of their parents and the community they were able to achieve this great dream.

This year the Team Costa Rica was invited again to participate in the 2019 FIRST global edition in Dubai United Arab Emirates , where it will represent Costa Rica among 150 other countries in the world.

«Whenever we talk about Costa Rica and Limón, they only focus on the negative and this is a different point of view that we are also testing with this project» – Joustin Romero, team captain.

The Costa Rica AC Maker Space Team has grown as a development opportunity in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) for young limonenes who this year have the opportunity to represent the country for the third time in the global FIRST competition to be held in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

Together with his mentor Dwayne Mattis Pinnock the young people are preparing once again to carry the Costa Rican flag high in this international robotics meeting, however they need help to achieve it. You can help these five young people fulfill their dreams by entering here  and making a donation, sharing their story and inviting others to help. Each little one to bring these young Ticos closer to their goal.

(Translated from Spanish)


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