Young Tunisians victorious in Global Robotics Challenge

Translated from French.

Motivation and loyalty, Seven young high-school students from Sfax and the First Skills Club took the plane to the United States to defend the Tunisian flag at the Global Robotics Challenge organized by FIRST Global from 16 to 18 July in Washington

Considered the Olympic Robotics Games, the Global Robotics Challenge brings together 163 teams from around the world. This major competition brings together the talent of young scientists through robot-building and robot-building games in order to solve important global challenges.

This year, the theme of the competition is access to drinking water. Each team received a few months in advance, a kit from the organizer, from which it must proceed to the design and the programming of the robot, in order to try to solve problems related to the storage of the robot. Drinking water, filtering of contaminated water and obtaining new sources of water.

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