FIRST Global Challenge — LIVE

Looking for when your favorite team is going to play? Head on over to and click on your country. You can see when the next match is scheduled for, and by clicking on that match, which field it will be played on. To see all of the field streams, check out


For all videos, check out our YouTube channel. For the full site with the event livestream, streams for all of the fields, team information, match schedules, and more, visit


DateActivitiesTime (GST)
ThursdayOpening Ceremony
FridayRanking Matches13:50-18:00
Ranking Matches8:50-12:30
Ranking Matches13:30-17:00
Ranking Matches8:50-13:00
Playoff Matches & Awards14:00-18:00
Closing Comments18:00-18:30
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