Larissa – The Cameroonian Girl Determined to Build a Robot

“I can build a robot, you can build a robot; together, we can build a robot. Robotics is not just for boys, but for girls, boys, and everyone.”

Meet Larissa, the only female member of Team Cameroon 2017.

Larissa gets up at 3 a.m. to do her chores before beginning her 5 kilometer walk to school each morning. She doesn’t have a computer, so she usually goes to her mentor’s house if she needs to use one. However, she doesn’t let the challenges she faces stop her from achieving her goals. Larissa dreams of becoming an electrical engineer and using her passion for innovation to help advance her country.

FIRST Global works to empower students all over the world through technology, and the FIRST Global Challenge brings Larissa one step closer to achieving her dream.