Nathan – The Boy Who Exceeds With Dyslexia

As the programmer for his robotics team, Nathan is responsible for making sure the robot’s code is top-notch. Looking at the enthusiasm and excellence he brings to his work, it may be surprising to hear that Nathan hasn’t always been recognized as the smart and capable guy that he is.

Nathan has dyslexia, so reading and writing have always been a challenge for him. He felt dumb for the difficulty he experienced in his classes, and coming to school often left him apprehensive.

However, when he joined his school’s robotics team, everything changed. He found that there was something he was really good at, and learned that he was a capable young man who simply saw and understood the world in a different way.

“Coming to robotics, he’s able to really express himself and it’s really brought him out of his shell,” his mother said. “It’s been an opportunity for Nathan to show the other kids that he can do this stuff; his English may not be very good, but he can prove himself in other ways, and robotics has really done that for him.”

Through robotics, Nathan found an outlet that enables him to be himself and realize his full potential.

“It’s shown me that there’s somewhere I can exceed and that I can do well at,” he said. “Look for what you’re passionate about, look for what your interests are. Just keep persisting and trying, and don’t give up.”