Team Iran 2017

Iran…the country of science, culture, and turquoise, colored tiles and beautiful nature. Iran has a 2500 year history and poets like Hafez, Sadi, and Molavi, and scientists like Kharazmi, Khayam, and Avicenna who represent love, kindness, and peace to the world.

We from Iran greet all our world friend in the FIRST Global Olympics. We are happy that once more research and specially robotic science have broken the politics borders and violence illustrated that every one with different culture religion can come together and sing the song of friendship sympathy and try to solve some of the universal challenges like shortage of water.

The Iran team includes 3 students and 1 coach. Poriya Mizbani is a loveable person with experience of being on the Iranian team for 2 years and he is the mechanic of the team.

Amin Dadkhah is the programmer of this team, but he has a more important job. He is the tongue of the coach and Iran team. It is his first experience with robotics, but he has a bright future ahead of him!

And finally the captain of the team, Alireza Khalili, has been learning about electronics since he was 7 and he is one the old friends and student of the coach. In spite of the fact that he is just 18, he is one of the most famous programmers in iran.

Mohammadreza Karami, the team’s mentor, built his first robot at 12. When he was 18, he experienced the first coaching of a robotic national team. Till now he has 14 inventions and he attended more than 70 robotic events. He is also a good writer and poet.

But there is an small point. Our team this year has some American members. Because we didn’t have a pack and our friends in Washington made our ideas as a robot. Mr. Sam Allen. Dear Elena, Kiki, Christian, and the other kind person.

We will see you guys all in Washington!