Team Uzbekistan 2017

We are the team of Uzbekistan, a country in the Central Asia famous for being on the Ancient Silk Road, but also for the current promising young generation. We are here to show our creativity and problem solving skills by using technology. FIRST Global is a chance for us to exchange experience and knowledge and generate new ideas. Despite our young age we have achieved good results in national and international competitions. Our team represents itself as a group of ingenious children that can create almost everything they want, using only their knowledge, skills and creativity. We are committed to continue our path of glory and bring to Uzbekistan new technologies and solutions!

This is the first contest our team will be attending. We found out about Robokidz in India, and afterwards, after talking with Joe, Sorin decided to try his luck in First Global as the Uzbek Team. Tim, the second mentor helped Sorin in finding the team, which consists of: Dan the mentor, Lev the programmer and Sorin, the constructor. Dan finished the Moscow State University, with courses based on advanced math and IT. Lev finished grade 9 in a local Math Specialized School. Sorin finished grade 9 in Tashkent American School, from other schools I’ve moved from, there is British International School in Ukraine and a local school in Moldova. Our second mentor, Tim is the owner of Robokidz and also a programmer organization. Dan had a previous experience in teaching younger children Robotica using LEGO Mindstorms. At the moment he is the Director of The Technical Department of a company that creates bots for social media.

For FIRST Global we expect few things, the first one is experience because, it is our second time when we will participate in such an event. Afterwards we would like to gain a good score and also to make some new impressions about Washington DC.