Team Angola 2018

The Angolan FIRST Global team is comprised of four students who live in Luanda: Aderito Francisco Quiombo, Jacinto Augusto, Joel Zeca, and Abigail Cacombe. The team was formed in 2017 after our mentor took part in the Global Grand Challenge summit and was inspired to help to build our team. Since then the team has worked hard to take part in the FIRST Global competition in 2018.

Aderito Francisco Quiombo (Team Captain)
Aderito is a high school student of the industrial institute Simeone Mucune in Luanda – Angola student electronics and telecommunications in High School. Aderito can get the team together and get everyone involved to solve different challenges the team has faced.

Jacinto Augusto (Driver)
Jacinto is a student at the Polytechnic Institute of Technology and Science, he would like to be a scientist when he grows up, in his free time he likes to investigate more about science around the world and his favourite thing to do is to learn about the Universe.

Abigail Cacombe (Team Member)
Abigail is a student at the Agostino Neto University in the economics course. “I have always felt captivated by scientists and their discoveries and am glad to think that if you study or work with robotics you could discover and create things that can change the course of the world.”

Joel Zeca (Programmer)
Joel is a student at the Higher Institute for Information and Communication Technologies and wants to be a Java developer and a Network Administrator. Joel, who is turning 18 year, has an interest in Robotics because this area is very connected with his area of study, which is programming.

Team Media