Team Armenia 2018

We are from different regions of Armenia, but there is one thing that unites us: our drive to survive among the developed world and aim to improve ourselves and our surroundings. Our mountain ranges gave us the unique direction to think and to create, our blue sky gave us the hope to fly higher, our fresh air made us think about the new Earth, the green Earth of modern technologies. Four members, 4 constant peaks of mount Aragats, are gathered under the mission to represent our country and our healthy-thinking way properly to the world.

Coming from different engineering laboratories, we have the same features: love of robotics, unique way of thinking, the ability to work hard (typical to our ancestors), and of course the wish to communicate with the world, to tell them in a loud voice, that despite occupying a very little area, hidden from the world, we can represent all the positive, all the creative, all the bright ideas and technological advantages beneficial to the world. And we have the honour to do that, and we do our best to be remembered.

FIRST GLOBAL is, actually the first global chance for us, to let the world know about new technological solutions to the problems: it may be both a game, and a great issue for the world. We are grateful to you for this chance, for revealing new bright minds, for involving most of the world, and for trying to find all the “lost ones” for the further development of our modern Earth. We are looking forward to playing our role in this mega event, to feel the modern drive, to be payed attention to and to be appreciated. Find us on the map, and remember the name Armenia, hope to see you soon!

Energy Situation

Armenia has no proven reserves of oil or natural gas and currently we are using nuclear power plant, hydroelectric plant, solar, wind and other renewable energy plants. Armenia’s prospective in developing solar energy is rather positive and makes a minimum of 5 MW/1600 KW. The data is provided by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Armenia’s results are twice higher than European standards, where 1600 KW is the highest indicator. Gegharkunik, Goris, Sisian and Pushkino are the most favorable regions. Already 4 stations operate in Pushkino with the power of 2,64 MW. In addition, “Jermaghbyur” is a geothermal station with 150 MW that operates in Syunik.

In Goris town where Nona Telunts lives there is a hotel where they’ve installed the biggest vacuum solar water heater system in Armenia. This complex solution consists of 1900 vacuum tubes and was designed specifically for the customer, taking into account necessity of heating water not only for hotel kitchen and 45 rooms, but also a 200m3 pool. Another team member, Vahagn Zargaryan, has great skills in solar energy and he made 16v 5a currency solar panel.

Team Media