Team Azerbaijan 2018

Our team consists of six students, from Baku the capital city of Azerbaijan, who have participated in numerous national and international robotics olympiads in several countries such as China, Romania, Kazakhstan, and the U.S.A.

Ulvi Musayev-Captain
Ulvi is a 16-year-old guy who has a great interest in robotics and technology. He has participated in several robotics competitions.

Adil Aghayev
In addition to his desire to make robots, Adil also has a passion for film-making, which is his dream job.

Javid Rzayev
Javid is well-known for his skills in soccer and volleyball in our school; he always differs from his classmates in his academic success especially in Physics and math, which is one of the vital subjects for his future career, mechanical engineering.

Sinan Suleymanli
Sinan is one of those students who are wildly interested in robotics. He is the gold medal winner of “2018 Genius Olympiad.” He also wants to study in the U.S. to earn a lot of money to make his childhood dream of traveling all over the world come true.

Ali Taghiyev
Ali has been into robotics for more than three years. Perhaps it is the reason he likes spending time in the robotics lab without getting bored.

Agshin Yusifzada
16-year-old Agshin’s goal is to be a chemical engineer. He also has some achievements in robotics competitions such as “Genius” and “Infomatrix” Olympiads.

Yusifbay Padarov-Mentor
He is a SAT Math teacher who has great interest in Artifical İntelligence and robotics. He likes to spend his free time by playing football or computer games with his students too.

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