Team Barbados 2018

Team Captain/Programmer/Builder: Junior Knight is very interested in the field of electronics and is pursuing a career in Electronic Engineering.

Programmer/Builder: Tyrese Boyce, is also one of the engineers of this team. He is also pursuing a career in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology.

Programmer/Builder: Jasmine Greene is a programmer and is interested in coding at various levels. She loves dancing and fashion. Jasmine is ambitious and very interested in Electronics and Robotics Technology.

Helper/Builder: Shaquan Joseph is interested in becoming an engineer researching new forms of Technology.

Mentor: Mr Matthew Douglas is the mentor of Team Barbados 2018. A teacher of Electrical and Electronics Technology at the CXC, CSEC level and also CAPE. Mr Douglas is dedicated to helping his students succeed in all forms of work and encourages them to do their best at all times.