Team Belgium 2018

Nicolas Kokinos: I’m in high school at Mons, Belgium. I mostly code for the team but I occasionally help in the mechanical department. I’m uncertain about my future studies, but I’m hesitating between political sciences and coding. I like reading, listening to rock and heavy metal, watching movies or tv shows and being nice to people. I’m a history nerd, and my personal heroin is Marsha P. Johnson.

Emile Villette: My name is Emile Villette, I’m 16 years old, I help build the robot, mostly on the hardware side of it but I’m also a spokesperson for the team. I’m interested in robotics because just looking at robots completely mesmerizes me, I always wanted to know how they work and to unveil all their secrets, it’s always fascinating to know how complex the subject can get and how many working fields it includes. I hope one day to become a robotics or space engineer. Something I also look forward to in the FIRST Global Challenge is to meet other people, my best memories are honestly at FGC 2017 when I walked around the stands to meet lots of people from all around the world, I brought back a t-shirt signed by a lot of people and it’s priceless! In that optic, last year I created a Discord discussion server that has united a lot of countries, and where the teams can get help in their adventure, it’s awesome to see such flawless coopetition and gracious professionalism.

Quentin Badie: Last year I had the privilege of getting involved with the 2017 FIRST Global challenge and had an incredible experience. I was almost exclusively working on the mechanical aspect of the robot. I’ve always loved to travel and have a desire to learn more about different countries and cultures. Last year I had a fantastic time exchanging stories and experiences with the other teams and I hope to be blessed to continue that journey this year. I don’t have an exact idea of what job I want to do, but I’m interested in marketing, finance and management in exciting fields that are quickly reaching the average consumer, such as 3d printing, robotics, drones and many others that before were only available to research departments and the like.

Diego Fadeur: I am a member of Team Belgium. I’ve been working on the robot’s design and also the mechanical part. I’m interested in robotics because it’s the future and there are an infinite number of possibilities to it. I would like to work in astrophysics, but my biggest dream is to become an astronaut. My hobbies are science, space and soccer. What is unique about me it’s that I never give up. I really hope I will be there this year!

Yona Tshilenge: My name is Yona Tshilenge, I’m 19 years old. I worked on the mechanicals aspects of the robot last year and helped plot out the different ways it could function. This year I will be mentor since I have some experience in robotics. To do this I used the strategical thinking a team uses in soccer. I like soccer, which is my favorite sport. I’ve been playing soccer since I was 4, I still enjoy this sport today. I also like listening to music (bossa nova, jazz, soul, new soul, pop, rap sometimes, reggae, rock, metal, country, luba song, but I prefer the bossa), I like to play guitar (I started to play when I was 10). I also like to dance and read (I like thrillers.)