Team Bolivia 2018

The Team Bolivia – FIRST Global 2018 was chosen from more than 1200 young people in a national robotics competition and is composed of:

* Brayan Gerson Duran Toconas: He lives a small town called Tupiza in the department of Potosí. Brayan is the national champion of the Bolivian robotics Olympics 2017. His effort and dedication made him the captain of the team. Brayan must travel 9 hours by bus to reach the capital of Bolivia (Sucre) and thus meet with all the team to work on the robot for the competition.

* Adrian Eduardo Vargas Llanquipacha: He is the spokesperson and software developer of the team, his skills led him to be the champion of the robotics Olympics in his city in 2017. His logical reasoning is fundamental in the team to create an intelligent robot.

* Jhonn Piter Santa Cruz Estrada: He is responsible for the hardware and mechanics of the robot, as well as being the robot driver. His perception of the spaces and his skills in the design of the robot made him a fundamental part of the team.

* José Octavio Subirana Revilla: He is the mentor of the team, is an engineer in telecommunications and is very committed to the advice and support of the entire team.

* Luis Fernando Ortiz: He is one of the team’s head coach, recently graduated from his master’s degree at Harvard University and is now in Bolivia promoting the STEM skills of young Bolivians.

* Said Eduardo Pérez Poppe: He is one of the team’s head coach, he was the tutor of the Bolivia Team 2017, he is a professor at the San Francisco Xavier University of Chuquisaca and has extensive experience in software development and STEM training.

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