Team Brunei 2018

Muhammad Al Aziz Bin Muhamat Di-ki, Programmer and Driver
I am student of Politeknik Brunei, School of Science and Engineering in Brunei Darussalam taking a High National Diploma in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. My interest in robotics developed when I saw the Lego Technic when I was young. I aspire to build a large-scale robot which can rival the Kuratas from Japan and the Mk. II from America. The things I like to do during my free time is to fantasize on DIY builds which I have a possibility of making with limited spare parts. Ultimately, I would like to make a robot for space usage such as space exploration, investigation or even space mining.

Muhammad Iqmal bin Ahmad, Team Captain and Media
Currently I’m taking Level 5 Diploma in Electronics and Electrical Engineering in Polytechnic Brunei. I plan to become a Robotic Engineer in the future since I am already in love with electrical engineering so I want to level up my ability and experience by mastering the engineering in robotics in order to invent something new and useful for the sake of my country. My hope for the future is to have a much more high-tech invention that could lift the name of our country to the same level as Japan or Korea. I love to repair broken things or learn anything related to hands-on stuff in my spare time. My favorite subjects are those that have hands-on in it because my brain synchronizes with my movements faster. I’m a fast-learner type of person and once I’ve determined to finish what I’ve started, I will finish without giving up, it doesn’t matter what happens. I love to learn new things and be friendly with other people no matter from what religion and race.

Nur’Afiqah Bt Hj Khairul Arifin, Technician and Designer
I am taking a High National Diploma in Electronics and Electrical Engineering at Polytechnic Brunei. I would like to be a Robotic Engineer when I grow up because I want to invent something that can help my country. My hope for the future is to have more advanced technology in this world without ruining the environment for the future generation. My favorite subject is Mathematics because I like working with numbers. I am a fast learner, hard-working student and always looking forward to trying/experiencing new things. In secondary school, I had joined Brunei Robotic Olympiad (BRO) twice.

Energy Situation

Brunei is in heavily use of fossil fuels. This is due to Brunei natural resource oil and gas. But people starts to realize that oil and gas is not finite and with the help of the government, Brunei starts to look into different type of renewable energy.