Team Burkina Faso 2018

I’m Jonathan and I’m interested in robotics because I’m passionate about science fiction movies and wants to make robots like what I’ve seen. I’m happy to participate in this Challenge because I’ll be able to meet other people, exchange knowledge, and improve my experience with robots. I’m excited to come back to Burkina Faso after the competition and share my experience and love of robotics with others. 

My name is Nikiema and I’m interested in STEM because nowadays several fields, like health and food, use technology and many things are done by robots. I’m happy to participate because in Burkina Faso robotics is much less known, and it will be a real pleasure for me to go to the international level. This opportunity will give me more experience so that I can train my compatriots to join me in the fight to make robotics more available in my country. I would like to start a business to build robotics to make my country better and industrialize. 

I’m Daouda and I’m a first year student of electronics and automation at ISIG. I’m interested in robotics because it’s something I’m good at and I’m a fan of video fames and electronic devices. I’m so excited to be a part of the FIRST Global Challenge because it will give me the opportunity to meet other people who like robotics like me. By participating in this contest, I intend to accumulate more experience and share my knowledge with my colleagues after my return to Burkina Faso.