Team Cabo Verde 2018

Cabo Verde is an island country made up of ten islands, in which nine are inhabited with just over half a million inhabitants. The islands were discovered over five hundred years ago by Portuguese discoverers, having become independent forty-two years ago. A country with few natural resources, human potential is the biggest bet for development; this is due to the great commitment of the state in the struggle for human development as a way to fight against poverty. The students of Team Cabo Verde come from the city of Mindelo on the island of São Vicente.

José Pedro Brito, Team Captain
He would like to be a Mechatronic Engineer, he likes to build cool things at home with Arduino and he is interested in robotics because he loves technology, engineering and the power of creating things. He is very competitive, and his passion and enthusiasm give him the ability to inspire other people.
Inspirational Quote: “Projects we have completed demonstrate what we know – Future projects decide what we will learn.”

Silviane Fonseca Correia, Spokesperson
She likes to read, listen to music and make researches. She works hard to achieve her goals, she wants to be an electronic engineer, do great things and help those who need it because everyone should have a chance to show what they are worth. She loves robotics because it can change who we are, change how we live, it can change lives and being part of that would be awesome. A thing that is unique about her is that she likes to help people. She would like to remind everyone that they were born with wings and they should fly with them.

André Oliveira Ramalho, Assembly Technician
He likes to play soccer and basketball, listen to music, have fun in parties. I would like to be an automation and control engineer. His favorite subject is maths. A thing that is unique about him is that he is a very social person, and he likes to meet new people.

Team Media