Team Canada 2018

For many years Team 2056 OP Robotics has been traveling to the FRC World Championship where we have worked with and played against various teams from all over the world. When Team 2056 was asked to represent Canada at the FIRST Global Challenge in Mexico City, we saw an opportunity to continue to build international relationships with fellow STEM students. Team 2056 hopes to not only create new friendships, but to also learn more about each of the countries attending.

Tom Jefferd – Captain
Tom is a member of FRC team 2056, and he was the driver of this past FRC season.  He was involved with machining parts and construction during build season. Tom is interested in robotics because it connects math, physics, and real life application.  Robotics is the future, and that’s another reason that Tom wants to be involved with it. In the future, Tom plans on going to university for engineering, possibly mechanical or aerospace.  His love of math drives what he’s going into in university. In his free time, Tom plays video games, occasionally programs and reads, and plays hockey.  His favourite school subject is math. FRC build and competition season is his favourite time of year, of course, with summer being a close second.

Eric Morse – Programmer
Eric is a member of FRC Team 2056, and he was the lead student programmer for this past season. He was involved with not only programming last year’s robot, but he also built, and wired the robot. Eric is interested in robotics because he sees it as a way to get real-world experience in the technological fields involved in building and competing with a FIRST robot. In the future Eric hopes to go to university for computer science or software engineering. During his spare time (when he’s not doing homework) he is creating mods and extensions for video games. He is currently working on an extension for a game called “Hacknet”. At school his favorite subjects are Math, Computer Science, and the newly created Robotics Course.

Jackson Smith – Human Player
Jackson is a member of FRC team 2056 at Orchard Park Secondary School in Ontario. This season, he supported the strategy team and helped with machining parts. Jackson is interested in robotics because it is a practical application of science and a great introduction to STEM, a field that he is passionate about. Whilst not at school, Jackson works two part time jobs and is an avid reader. He is currently enjoying the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. In the future, he would like to attend university for mechanical or aerospace engineering. At school his favourite class is technological design, which teaches computer-assisted designing and practical applications.

Sarah VanDuzer – Driver
Sarah is member of FRC team 2056. She is in her second year on the team and is finishing Grade 10 at Orchard Park Secondary School in Ontario. In this past FRC season, she helped with assembly and machining of parts. Sarah got interested in the STEM field after attending FRC tournaments in her youth to support her older siblings on the team she would later join. Sarah plans on entering post-secondary education to study software engineering. This year, Sarah did not attend any FRC competitions because she had gone to France for a 3-month exchange from February to the end of April. While in France, she learned more about French culture and expanded her french communication skills. Sarah’s favourite school subjects are English, Math and Computer Science. When she is not busy at school, Sarah enjoys listening to music, programming, reading and amateur writing.

Emily Forster – Driver
Emily is a member of FRC team 2056. This is her first year on her high school robotics team. In the past FRC season, she was involved in machining parts, building the robot, wiring the robot, and scouting. Emily is interested in robotics because there are so many opportunities involved with FIRST to help her future. In the future, Emily would like to become a mechanical engineer. In Emily’s spare time she has volunteered for many organizations in her community, such as the Winona Halloween Parade, Winona Easter Egg Hunt, Winona Peach Festival, Victory Gardens, Lake Pointe Canada Day Event, Fifty United Church Vacation Bible School, and more. Her family owns a garden center and greenhouse that she also helps out with part-time. At school, Emily’s favorite subjects are Math and Computer Technologies.