Team Central African Republic 2018

Brunita Mbilessia (Spokesperson)
My name is Brunita, I am 14 years old and I just completed junior high school. I am very happy to represent for the very first time my country to the FIRST Global competition. I didn’t know much about robots before but for now I am very confident I could create my business center whereby robots will be replacing human works. I am very excited to visit Mexico and to link with others marvelous people around the world.

Gracia Moubingui (Driver)
Hello, my name is Gracia, I am 17 years old. I am senior high school student. I have very great interest for technologies and specially the professions of the engineer. Participating to this competition is the best opportunity First Global is giving to me to build capacity for my journey ahead and become robotic engineer

Benjamin Mongola (Builder)
I am Benjamin, 15 years old and I am junior high school student. When I was 7 years old, I was already thinking of making a robot that could help do some housework I was asked to do (cleaning the house, drawing water from the water pipe some meters far from home, transporting the goods back from farm …). I am very excited I am now building a robot that will solve some of problems my community is facing.

Cedric Zouade (Mentor)
Cedric Pacific Zouade, 31 years old has over 10 years’ experience in youth empowerment and community development. Civic Leader, he foundered Action Secours & Espoir which is influencing society for a better world for vulnerable youth exposed to atrocities. Currently, he chairs the CAR Yali Alumni association as Executive Secretary and is leading his fellow’s friends in advocacy and campaign for social change by addressing global issues (Peace & Security, SDGs, Climate change, quality education….). Promoter of the program, Friends of Excellence, he also volunteers in his community’s secondary school where he teaches basics ICT and English, and holds self-motivation conferences. Cedric Pacific has a MSc in Information Technology and his passion for youth empowerment is very committed. His incredible accomplishments qualified him for Yali Program in US as Mandela Washington Fellow, One Young World Ambassador and Global Youth Ambassadors 2015. Upon participating to First Global Competition, Cedric plans to change the broken world facing children in CAR, a world without color, where little ones are facing harsh realities of life precariously, by enrolling them in STEM school

Stephane Youfeina
Mr. Stephane Youfeina is a young African leader; he is 31 years old from Central African Republic. He is lawyer and graduated of a Mester2 in Public Law of International Relations. Stephane was the first president of the Children’s Junior National Assembly in 1998 in his country. He was elected president of the national student association in his country in 2012. He was selected as a young ambassador for peace in his country as part of the organization One Young world. Stephane benefited from the Young African Leader Initiative (YALI) program in 2015 as part of Mandela Washington Fellowship. He was admitted to the Civic Leadership in New York, USA. He also benefited from his experience in the United States of a program of development of professional experience. Stephane has also created a structure called Youth Network for Peace and Development with 250 young people and work a lot not only for the return of peace in his country since 2012 until today but also for the education of children in his country whereby he managed with his structure to build school in the north of his country and to succeed in encouraging the return to school children in his country. At the professional level, Stephane is currently working for an American NGO called Institut Republicain International. This structure works in the field of democratic governance and in partnership with the national assembly. Stephane Youfeina will participate this year to the First Global competition as Menthor of the Central African team