Team Comoros 2018

Team Comoros, also known as IMARA (I’M A Rad African), consists of 5 teenagers who come from different regions and islands of the Comoros. They all go to different schools (private and public) but have two things in common: A passion for leadership, and an eagerness to learn and explore. They are therefore all active members of a youth-led and youth-serving NGO fighting for education and inclusion in Comoros. Every weekend, the team meets in safe spaces created to foster understanding, activism, and explore their passions in a ludic environment.

For over three years now, our five Rad Africans have – along with other peers – been involved in a plethora of educational projects including Environmental projects, Leadership workshops, Arts projects, Reproductive Health courses, Diversity and Inclusion exchange programs, and Youth Empowerment conferences. However, because of a lack of access to technology, exploring STEM with hands-on experience in mechanics or robotics has always been a dream a lot of their team members have had, but that seemed so far-reaching it could only be a dream… Until FIRST Global came around!

With this new experience that is making their dream come true, IMARA Comoros is proudly going to raise the Comorian flag high and can’t wait to meet and interact with a community of like-minded teenagers from all over the world!

Team Media