Team Cote d’Ivoire 2018

Some of the following students are the main group, but we also have attendants that are just familiarizing with the robotics.

Rwagasore Siboyintore Malvin Bright (DRIVER). I am a 5th year student from Lycee Jean Mermoz. I would like to become a robot scientist one day and thanks to my skills, I will fulfill my dreams. During my free time, I like reading books, playing construction games, playing basketball. My favorite subjects are S.V.T and physics-chemistry. My very favorite hero is the Flash.

Avit Kysiane Christ (PROGRAMMER). I am interested to robotic because I think that STEM is the best way to improve the development of Africa in the following years. When I don’t study, I like to play video games and basketball. In the future I wanna to study aeronautics to create innovative ideas in order to improve the space travels. In the 2018 first global challenge, the Ivorian team will work very hard to get the best rank in this competition with collective work and devotion.

Traoré Adjoba Monique (ENGINEER). I am a student in terminal class at Lycée Moderne de Yopougon Andokoi, I am interested in robotics because I would like to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Artificial Intelligence, and this one will allow me to develop and expand my knowledge.

Doumbouya Matouba Aïcha (ENGINEER). I am a high school student at Lycée Moderne Yopougon Andokoi. I am interested in FIRST Global because I would like to participate in the development of techniques used to achieve material progress for the well being of men. In my free time I like to watch TV. I really like robotics movies, they make you want to innovate. I also spend my time on the Internet doing research! I am a fan of Pierre Bellemare former animator of impossible investigations.

Kamanzi Elvis (DRIVER). I am a student at Lycée International Jean Mermoz. In my 5th year. In my spare time, I enjoy watching TV, playing sports and reading books. I would like to one day become an airplane pilot thanks to my courage. My favorite subjects are technology, history, geography and mathematics. My favorite and unique hero is Roman Reigns.

Kouakou Kra Yves Arsène (TEAM CAPTAIN). Being a science graduate last year, I had to be a good scientist and technology is a science that I learned to develop and love because last year I was among the participants of FIRST Global and I gained some knowledge that I want to develop and learn more about robotics so I opted for IT. I am therefore a student in 1st year in computer networks.

NIMBONA Shaka Michael Ryan (DRIVER). I am Ivorian by birth, and Burundian of origin, I study at School Group Lonny Rose in my 4th year. In my spare time I enjoy watching wildlife documentaries and learning the names of different countries and cities of this vast world and I also like to play basketball. The job I would like to do would be to be a driver simply because I love to travel and it’s a job that I like, I’m open-minded and I would also like to have a career as a pro basketball player. My favorite subjects are: animals, the location of certain countries, that is to say geography, and I also like maths finally I’m doing pretty well. I am a fan of James Harden.

Sheilla Muligande (DRIVER). I joined this activity because technology inspires me a lot and I think it’s a big part of my life. My hopes for the future are to inspire more people to join these types of activities because they can help you succeed in the future. I also hope to be recognized for my accomplishments in this specific domain. I am in seventh grade and I attend the international community school of abidjan in abidjan. My hobbies are reading, going for runs, and doing things on the internet such as games or social media. My favorite subject is Math because it has taught me that as long as I practice a lot I will reach my goal, at the beginning of the year I wasn’t so good at math but now I’m doing very well. One hung that is unique about me is that I like old school things such as books or things that involve no technology,but I also enjoy many things that are fully envolées with tech geology such as gaming on my PlayStation. What I would like First global to know is that I have a lot of perseverance and I like learning new things because you never have too much knowledge.

Team Media