Team Cuba 2018

Our team is comprised of teenagers from different high schools in the provice of Matanzas, Cuba. We were brought by a member of Canada’s Team Kinetic Knights, Megan Quade who introduced us to this wonderful and exciting world of robotics.

This year is gonna be representing also a very interesting and incredible experience for the members of the team, keeping them excited to see their expectations accomplished.

Jonathan is the team captain who organizes the team and he is in charge of programming due to his passion for robotics, computer science, and attributes.

José Armando plays an important role in building the robot, and has been interested in science and technology since he was a child. “I am from Team Cuba and it’s an honor to me participate in this new FIRST Global 2018 along with other countries of the world that comes with the idea to fortify the use of clean energies, now with the experience of the last year where the friendship turned it into a marvelous experience.”

Jean Manuel incites us to practice sports in our free time and he is in charge of the dynamic part of the robot and that of the team.

Their mentor, with his interest and perseverance and despite being an expert in the subject, has been a guide and inspiration to the team, guiding them at all times to achieve the desired goal.

All of the students just finished high school with high qualifications; that’s why they are waiting to be the next three years in the preuniversitary in our country specialized in Science, Tecnology and Math to try to be in the same level of students from all over the world.