Team Cyprus 2018

I love to create, explore, experiment and observe! Looking back into my childhood I always remembered myself solving puzzles and building complex structures using Lego bricks. As a true believer of science and technology, I am sure that robotics has the potential to make a positive impact on society and work practices thus improving the quality of our life. Scientists can unite the world by sharing their knowledge and creating a culture of collaboration and innovation that will help solve the world’s biggest problems.

At school, Physics and Technology have always been the subjects that I find most interesting and in which I excel. Both subjects improved my ability to research, investigate and solve problems. In addition, I enjoy the experimental aspects where I have been able to carry out and devise experiments that demonstrate or make use of the processes that I have been learning about. Outside school, I enjoy learning about different cultures and as a consequence, I read books and articles that describe the day to day lives and traditions of other countries. I love traveling because it gives me the chance to experience the different cultures and traditions first-hand.

Robotics is one of those subjects that I am very interested in. There are plenty of thing that interest me about robotics. For starters, with robotics I can really improve my skills in programming and mechanical, electrical and a lot more branches of engineering. Also, after starting engaging in robotics project I have noticed that my social skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills have all improved and that’s important to me. Robotics gave me the opportunity to be able to create anything I want with the only limiting factor being my imagination. But the most important thing for me, that I got out of robotics so far, is that it allowed me to meet people from all over the world. After I finish high school, I want to study engineering. I imagine myself in the future, creating inventing that will make the lives of people all over the planet.

In my spare time when I am doing something regarding robotics, I love playing the guitar and hanging out with friends around the neighborhood. I also play water-polo which I love because in training I can escape reality for a few hours, have fun and exercise at the same time. My favorite subject at school has to be physics with my favorite chapter being about electricity. I just love learning about the world and how things interact around us. The one person that inspires me to work harder every day, to achieve my dreams is Elon Musk.

I am 15 years old and I have finished the 3th class of high school. I’m keen on math, physics, chemistry and computer science. All these subjects are practical, challenging and pleasant for me. I’m interested in computer science and robotics because it never ends, you always have something new to learn and as far and deeper you go you realize that there is much more. Moreover, these fields are not only theoretical. I like the fact that they sharpen your brain because you must provide solutions and allow yourself to express your own ideas. I didn’t decide yet about my future, about what I will study and what profession I will choose. I‘m between medical and robotics. However, I notice that the future in medical is robotics science. In other words, medical is related with robotics science since they use lots of machines to do surgeries and other tasks.

In my free time I like to discover new things, expand my knowledge about the unknown, about the beginning of the world, humanity and the universe. When I feel tired and I want to relax and clear my mind I like to paint and create small machine constructions. My heroes are my parents, but I am also fascinated from the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Stephen William Hawking and all the scientists who changed the world. Personally, I believe that I have patience, perseverance and passion for whatever I decide to do. Furthermore, I am always optimistic and dedicated to my goals.

In my opinion, robotics is the ultimate step, the link that humans need to achieve everything. I know this sounds cliché, but I believe it. The one thing that makes humans the dominant species on Earth is that we are the most efficient creature. And now with the help of robotics we can increase the efficiency and make everything possible. In the near future, I want to study robotics engineering and help build robots that are sent to help colonize Mars, robots that can build homes in days, robots that can operate entire farms and help with the increasing demand for food. 

My favorite subject in school is physics, my generation hero is of course Elon Musk (Earth’s Iron Man), but my personal hero is my grandfather. From a young age, I would spend every summer in my grandfather’s workshop helping him build and alter items making them fit every need. And I think this time that I spent with my grandfather is what makes me unique. For example, every time I received a toy I would play with it for a day and then I would go to the workshop open the toy and try to understand how the toy works. Now in my spare time, I create Arduino projects working with different sensors every time. But currently, I am focusing on the upcoming Robotex competition that I will participate with my team as the captain. With the same team, we previously won the Regional World Robot Olympiad competition and we want to continue advancing.

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