Team Denmark 2018

We are Team Denmark, and we are very proud to be representing our home country.  Our team consists of four students and one mentor, all coming from an upper secondary technical school in Silkeborg, Denmark. 

Rasmus is our team captain. He makes sure that everyone has something to do, and that it is the right person who is doing the job. When he is not coordinating the team effort he is also our main programmer. When he finishes his three years at the upper secondary school, he wants to continue studying Software at a university.

Frederik is in his second year at the school. With his exceptional mechanical skills, he is the person in charge of constructing the robot. His career goal is to be an engineer.  

Jakob is the only first year on the team, but while he is one year behind in school, he is still an invaluable part of the team. He has both electronic and mechanical skills, and he even programs as well. In other words, he can help the team with pretty much everything when we are stuck. 

Our last member is Alexander. He’s our handyman who is ready to do whatever needs to be done. And with his creative mind he is our main idea generator.  

But the most important person for our team is, probably, our mentor Niels who takes care of all the practical behind the scene stuff. Without him we would be stuck in the wilderness. And since this is our first time at a FIRST-event, he has been very valuable in teaching us what we are supposed to be doing since he has tried mentoring a team in the competition before.