Team Ecuador 2018

Team Ecuador is composed of 10 members among students, mentors and volunteers. Our students are from different schools of the metropolitan capital, Quito. It’s our first time attending the FIRST Global Challenge, thanks to a kind invitation from Worldskills Ecuador. This will enhance our mission to introduce our kids to STEM education and awareness of environmental issues, which can be used to improve our lives and solve problems within our community.

Daniel Jaya
I’m sixteen years old and in 12th grade in high school. I think it is important to promote ecology awareness around the world and to also know more about STEM, two of the most relevant themes for our youth to learn. Ecuador has recently implemented some environmental-friendly energy production, like the best alternatives we could take, and I agree with the use of these sources and supporting campaigns for energy saving.

Luis Córdova 
Luis is in 12th grade, 16 years old. Given the opportunity to participate in the FIRST Global Challenge, he’s honored to represent Ecuador and show the capabilities of our youngsters. In return, he aims to encourage more teens to get involved in this wonderful world of technology. The energy impact game makes us aware about the wrong we do in the quest for energy sources. Here in Ecuador we use primarily solar, wind, thermal and hydroelectric energy. A few years ago, our country started to be interested in robotics to introduce us to the new age of technology. He’s very proud of our effort and hopes we do well in this Challenge.

Felipe Cisneros
I’m 16 years old, and since I was little I was driven by the interest in robots, blocks, and other toys that require logic and thinking.  I’m grateful for this opportunity to be challenged, and for a significant growth in knowledge and skills. I hope this will help me in my next step in my education, searching for making this world better with strategies and projects, with great impact in people’s lives, especially in Ecuador, where we are in deep trouble with pollution and natural resources exploitation.

David Jaya
I’m the tech tutor and a mechatronic engineer, and I’m proud to guide our team in this fantastic challenge. I’m hoping to be useful to the kids, to teach them from my experience, and for this to be a milestone in my hopes to continue my career in STEM education.