Team Egypt 2018

Habiba Mohamed is a middle school student in Notre dame de sion, Alexandria, Egypt. Habiba has started studying robotics in 2011. Habiba thinks robotics is one of the most interesting sciences there is, that’s why she is interested in it; she also thinks that it helped her build her self-confidence, her trust in her teammates, and she also won so many friends. In her free time, Habiba likes to draw cartoon characters, read books, and listen to music. Her favorite subjects are Math and Sciences, she sees that they, as much as they can be complicated sometimes, are the perfect way to make your brain work.

Mariam Ahmed Ragab is a middle school student in the 8th grade in Princesses Girls School, Alexandria, Egypt. Mariam has started studying robotics in 2012. She believes that everyone deserves to know STEM as it will help improving the world. It also helped her building new friendships, meeting new people. Her favorite subject is Maths as she thinks that brain is the most powerful thing the human owns. In her free time, she likes drawing and learning new languages such as Korean. She wants to add something to the world.

Youssef Elsayed Omar is a 14 years old student he learns in Kaumeya Language School in grade 8. Youssef started learning robotics in 2009. Youssef is basketball player he divides his time between learning robotics and sports. His favorite subjects are mathematics and physics as they let humans’ minds roam free. He is interested in robotics as this lets him be creative as much as he can and lets him learn new things and make new friends. His dream in life to make new designs and inventions so he wants to be a mechanical engineer.

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