Team El Salvador 2018

Miguel Ángel Oviedo Henríquez (Student)
I turned 18 years old I am interested in robotics because of the help it offers to humanity as well as being one of the broadest topics in what is science. My hope for the future is to be a computer programmer. In my free time I am listening to music and learning on the internet about the latest technology and its latest advances. My expectations for this competition is to meet new people, new ideas, cultures and give the best of myself and my team.

Katya Yesenia Díaz Flores (Student)
I love robotics because it has helped me a lot in life to develop many mental and physical abilities. I have acquired a lot of technological knowledge to try to solve problems. I believe that these skills will be a good opportunity to demonstrate my skills and abilities and I am open to new experiences.

Oscar Armando Pérez Parada (Student)
I am a 1st year baccalaureate student with a specialization in software development at the Antiguo Cuscatlán National Institute. I have been interested in robotics since I was a child, and at 16 I had the opportunity to obtain a robotics scholarship. I learned to develop the capacity to understand the mechanical functions of simple machines as well as being able to program and give structure to structures leading to different projects. I am very excited to participate in a world class competition, it is my first experience and I know that we are going to give good results. It’s a very satisfactory experience.

Ricardo Gálvez (Instructor)
I’m 22 years old and I’m passionate about everything that has to do with technologies and the creation of new technological projects that make everyone’s life easier. My passion for technology started when I was 15 years old when I started studying electronics in my high school, and that desire to create circuits and technological projects began to grow more and I hope one day to create a project that helps many people. At the moment I am a volunteer of a foundation which uses technologies so that young people can have more knowledge about them and can be agents of change in their communities, and I believe that with my abilities we will be able to do a good job in the competition.