Team Eritrea 2018

Hello, we are Team Eritrea based in Calgary and share a common vision of unity and community development. We are grateful to be part of this year’s robotics games competition organized by FIRST Global. Our passion for technology, innovation and science brought us together. Being part of FIRST Global will equip us with skills and lifelong friendship and network to change the world.

My name is Nathan I’m 14 years old. I love to build and design things; I also like solving some difficult problems I may encounter during the building process of any object. I like to work with others because then I can see what other people think on different ideas and we can collaborate to make things better. My favorite subject in school is Math & Science, I hope to study aerospace engineering when I go to University. I joined FGC because I was very interested in building robots. I was inspired by last year’s FGC competition. When I have spare time I play football, basketball and hockey. Hope to see you all in Mexico.

Misgana (Team Captain and programmer)
My name is Misgana, I’m 16 years old and am new to the robotics field but familiar with programming. I’m very passionate and caring towards my surroundings and so when I heard about technovation challenge and how I have a chance to change the community for the better I decided to take the initiative to learn programming and business for 6 months of the program and I designed an app. I also love volunteering because it’s a fun way to contribute to the community; this summer I’ve helped children with special needs by volunteering at between friends summer camp, served lunch to shelter-less men at the Salvation Army, empowered youth newcomers to Canada to have a voice at the 2018 power of voice….and many more. Representing my country Eritrea in FGC through STEM is a great opportunity as it combines two of my main interest’s technology and community.

Simon Habte (Programmer/Builder/Driver)
My name is Simon. I’m 16 years old and I’ve been in the robotics field since I was 12 years old. I love to program and build robots because not only does it take a direct approach, but a creative one, which made not only the building aspect but the programming part enjoyable. I’m very happy to represent my country Eritrea at the FGC. I plan on going to University and pursuing a career in Computer Science and hopefully apply my knowledge of robotics to the world!

Milly (Mentor)
I am a mentor for Team Eritrea. I have always been driven by my passion in community building and service, which led me to pursue Biochemistry and Chemistry. STEM is one of the ways to contribute to society and change the world. Investing in the future of the next generation will bring a sustained development. Thank you FGC for creating a space and environment where younger youth can come together in fellowship and unity to share their ideas and skills in a fun atmosphere.