Team Estonia 2018

Annika Õunapuu
Right now I’m studying at Tamsalu Gymnasium, but from autumn I’m going to study at Tallinn Secondary School of Science. I really like robotics because of new challenges, robots I can build and new people I can meet. I’m actually pretty new in robotics (I have been building robots since January 2017), but I already have participated in many competitions, including the 2018 World Festival in Detroit.
I’m really into fine arts. I have been acting, dancing and singing in the choir for the past nine years. I have played piano about four years and taken singing classes about two years. I balance all this with basketball and jogging. The longest distance I have run in a competition was 21.1 kilometres (about 13,1 miles).

I have many subjects that I like, but biology, history and sociology are really special for me. I have been competing at many olympiads (county and national) and I have had pretty good results.
I don’t really have a personal hero, because I don’t want to be like anyone else. One of my goals in life is to stand out from the grey mass. I have been told that I’m good at multitasking and at communicating with people. In the future I’d like to learn something in foreign universities, but I’m not really sure yet, what I want to do for a living.

Ander Eerits
I got interested in robotics because of the things you could build and the people you can talk to. I have taken part in different competitions of which the recent one was the World Festival 2018 in Detroit, specifically the FLL part. Our team did great there, we also got a second place in inspiring. It was an awesome experience to talk with different teams and their activities. Building things and making them work is something that I also enjoy. I’ve also been interested in SpaceX and Tesla. The rocket launches and fast electric cars are just awesome and beautiful. I have no ideas of what am I going to do in the future, but I do hope to find friends and people who I can rely on and with who I can talk about different topics.
In my spare time I like to drive my bicycle. I am also interested in motorcycles and cars. I really like the idea of fuel combustion in a metal box providing enough power to allow me to ride. I also like to have interesting discussions with people. My motto is if there is no way to do something, then there is a way to do it. I also like helping people with their activities and with their emotional side if they want. I believe, that people need someone reliable to help them even if I have to sacrifice my own spare time.

Jako Aimsalu
I’m studying at Nõo Reaalgümnaasium. I started with robotics in 2014 and I have grown up quite fast until today. I’m good at programming and building robots. Technology had been always my passion and with my great interest I already won good trophies in robotics competitions such as Robotex, RoboMiku Lahing and EU-, World- and local FLL’s, Bright Minds and some local competitions too, but the recent and bigger one was the World Festival 2018 in Detroit. I hope that in the future I can play with even bigger and greater robots and improve some technology.
In my free time I program my own cool projects, build awesome robots and spend time with my friends. When I have some interesting strange ideas, I try to program and realize it and find out how well I did it. I also like to start intelligent conversation with my friends and argue about funny things. I mostly want to build or argue with a lot of joy and failures. I think that I am person who can think some great (for someone impossible) ideas and somehow solve most of them.

Laas H. Lumberg
As of now, I have finished Rakke Kool and been accepted to Nõo Reaalgümnaasium, which is a highly praised high school in Estonia. I have been interested in robotics for the last 4 years, primarily due to my always growing curiosity in technology and programming. I have invariably enjoyed taking part in the local robotics competitions (such as Robotex, RoboMiku Lahing and the local FLLs), and after our team’s participation in the 2018 World Festival, I don’t think I will ever stop liking such events. My hopes for the future are primarily learning as much as I can from these competitions and improving my teamwork skills.
My hobbies are robotics and watching movies. I have been to different choirs, and have been singing for a total of over 6 years. I also like sports. My favourite subject is PE, but I’m also good at maths, physics and English. I would really like the idea of Elon Musk shooting our FGC robot to space in the storage compartment of the latest Tesla car. Now you know both my personal hero and biggest wish.
According to my coach and team members, my main unique abilities are a distinctive sense of humor, a unique, kind of funny, kind of serious personality, and my ability to start interesting and unexpected discussions. I personally like to think that I’m also always friendly and able to solve problems.

Urmas Luhaäär
I go to Nõo Reaalgümnaasium. My main interests are math, physics and informatics. I have taken part in numerous national olympiads and robotics competitions. I’m interested in robotics because it includes a lot of my hobbies. I enjoy the more theoretical and abstract aspects of robotics. My favourite subject is mathematics and that is what I plan to study in the future.