Team Fiji 2018

Our team is from the Oceania and a small island group of about 300, named the Fiji Islands.  With a small land area (7,100 sq mi) and population of 900K only in Fiji, as a matter of fact, Fiji is leading in the Pacific to support neighbouring small island countries with various resources.  PICs are in risk from sea level rise as a result of Global Warming and its incurable effects. Therefore, we believe that we are representing the desperate Island nations to eradicate / lessen the effects of this serious issue.

As the Theme for 2018 is “Energy Impact”, we believe that this may be a step forward towards exploring the impact of the different types of energy we use and how we can make them more sustainable. Empowering our way forward, on behalf of the developing countries would lead to gaining access to technology and obtain the necessary skills to succeed in today’s expanding global market. 

We represent not only Fiji but whole Oceania in the FIRST Global Challenge with a group of elite students and mentors. We aim to become some of the young leaders of Science and Technology. We would like to develop and explore our minds and talents that may be hidden inside us. FIRST Global gives us an opportunity to invent, design and create things that could possibly affect and improve our lives. 

We would like to follow the footsteps of our honourable Prime Minister as he leads the nations through COP23. We would like to be few of those young minds who would pursue their dreams to make a difference in people’s lives through STEM.