Team France 2018

Zirdi Syukur is a senior student living in Paris. He is one of the members of Team France. He’s been interested in robotics for a quite while, having played with LEGO mindstorms when he was little. He was also introduced to programming at a young age so he enjoy writing up firmware for various robots. He hopes to study his favorite subject, physics, and work in either the space industry or in the energy systems industry (which is why this year’s FIRST Global interests him). In his spare time, he plays the guitar to relax or learn about physics phenomena to challenge himself. He always wants to challenge himself in such a way to improve his skills, knowledge, and himself overall. That is why he looks forward to participating in the FIRST Global Challenge with all the other contenders!

Anoushka is a senior at the American School of Paris and her interest in robotics was sparked quite recently. This will be her first time attending the FIRST Global competition and she sees it as an outlet to extend her knowledge in the field. She is interested in studying engineering after high school and robotics not only sparks her interest because of its practical approach and application, but it is also a reminder to her of what the human mind is able to achieve and do in order to aid our living. Her favorite subjects in school include chemistry and physics, and she is quite intrigued by the field of aerospace engineering in particular. In her spare time she enjoys reading, particularly nonfiction, listening to music and binge-watching netflix shows. She is extremely excited to be a part of the FIRST Global competition this year and looks forward to working with other teams and learning from one another.

Ursula is a senior student at the American School of Paris. Originally from Russia, she spent most of her life living in France. She has been interested in robotics since her childhood, inspired by fantasy movies and literature. She recently discovered computer science classes and the amazing robotics club at her school where her dreams to design and build robots became true. In her spare time she enjoys drawing illustrations for indie video games, learning about AI development and composing music with singing voice synthesizer software. Her favorite subjects include Physics and Arts (both visual arts and music), she hopes to combine those two contrasting interests in an engineering career and she considers FIRST Robotics Competition as a great way to start her journey in this direction.