Team Gabon 2018

With 80% of the land covered by forest, Gabon, which is part of the Congo Basin, is the second lung of the planet known for its flora and fauna. This crossroads of peoples, mixing modernism and tradition, needs to be discovered: large tropical forest, dense and wet, rich but hidden biodiversity. Lovers of a “true” nature, in search of one of the last Edens of our world. Our team sees STEM as a great lever for social inclusion for youth, women, education and communities. We are grateful to the entire team of the FIRST Global Challenge for its patience and support and allowing us to participate in this wonderful event that exceeds our hopes.

Malicka (Captain)
I am very honored to participate in the FIRST Global Challenge, as it is a unique opportunity to inspire hundreds of girls from my country to take an interest in career opportunities. I like digital, photography and traveling.

Fadil (Spokeperson Driver)
I had the opportunity to start robotics in my school. In Gabon, technology changes our habits, so it is important for us to educate ourselves to the skills of tomorrow. Thank you for allowing us to participate in this event.

Harold (Builder)
We are not yet in Mexico City, but we already belong to a large family that shares knowledge. Building our robot was a challenge for us, but thanks to the many resources made available by FIRST Global and all the other teams, we were able to create a robot that will allow us to celebrate STEM education with you all in México.

Kevin (Mentor)
I am Kevin, the mentor of the Gabonese team. A few years ago we created an NGO that introduces young people from Gabonese communities to robotics and STEM. This year we have the tremendous support of the FIRST Global Challenge team, which honors us by allowing a small country like Gabon to participate in an event with such an important audience. We hope that this participation will create a dynamic in all strata of society on the importance of education in general and STEM in particular.

Team Media