Team Georgia 2018

  1. Nika Gegechkori – driver, design, building

My name is Nika  Gegechkori, and I am currently 17 years old. When I heard that I could get a chance to participate in FIRST Global I got very happy, because such opportunities are rare in my country. Especially because I’m interested in science and technology. I think there is nothing more interesting than science. It amazes me every day. I would like to pursue my career as a scientist and think that this competition will be great practice and experience. That’s why I decided to sign up for our team and help them in designing and building the robot.

  1. Nick Tsiskarishvili, – driver, design, building

I am 15 years old, currently I am in the 9th grade. I have been interested in Physics, Mathematics and Science all my life. And as I grew up I have found many other branches of science, one of them being robotics. I believe that robotics will soon be one of the major sciences in the world, and kids from all around the world will start learning them as we do now with mathematics, biology, etc. And I think that this is the goal of FIRST Global, so that robotics may one day be taught in schools as other subjects. And even though some may consider biology of being the main science in present day, the concept of connecting branches of science is truly fascinating. As of today scientists are trying to combine the fundamentals of biology to robotics and I believe that is very interesting. I have not set out one specific profession as of today, but I am 100% certain that my field of study will probably be associated with science. Software engineering, civil engineering, biochemistry, rocket science are my current ideas of what I might study in a University in the future. But I have decided that I will choose all of them and then decide on what I like the most. I really like swimming, boxing, and water skiing as my hobbies, but on a more professional level I pursue tennis and mountain skiing. I practice tennis almost every single day and have been in the national team of Georgia for few years before I decided to focus on studying because I think the greatest fortune of all is one’s mind, and I really like receiving new information. My heroes are Elon Musk and Steve Jobs.

  1. Ioane Kapanadze. – captain, programmer

I’m 15 years old and very much interested in robotics. Everything started when my father brought my brother and me to a robotics school called “UG-Limes.” I’ve been studying robotics in UG-Limes for 3 years and this year I’m finishing the course. During the first year we learned about basic components and some microchips. During the last 2 years we learned how to code in Arduino. The last one hasn’t been hard for me. Yes, you’d guess right – I’m the programmer guy of the team. I know how to code in C++, but I can study new languages easily and quickly, they’re all similar to each other. The key to be a good programmer is to know and understand many algorithms. I’ve been studying algorithms for almost 6 years in a computer school called “Mziuri.” I participate in many programming contests, and have some achievements. My 2 major achievements are taking the first place in the national informatics olympiad of Georgia in 2016 and taking the second place in the same olympiad in 2017 (Of course, I was competing with the children of my age both times). This year I couldn’t do so well, but I got a place in the national reserve team of Georgia. It may seem easy, but trust me, it’s not.

I haven’t still decided what profession I’ll get in the future. Probably, it will be connected to science. I have many hobbies. First of all, I love playing computer games, but not for a long time. I mean, if you just sit and watch the screen for 2 hours, I guarantee, you’ll have the whole day wasted. I also love reading books, especially, ones about adventures, for example, “The Hobbit”, “The Lord of the Rings.” I also love reading detective stories, funny stories, and sometimes I even enjoy reading Shakespeare. I also enjoy watching films. Unfortunately, I don’t go out often. When I do, I often have my bike or skateboard with me.

I want to participate in FIRST Global, because I really love robotics, electronics, and programming. Also, I’ll get tons of experience while constructing the robot, and I’ll have fun with my friends.

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