Team Germany 2018

What brought this team together was our shared passion for robots and technology, although that is not the only thing that defines us. We are diverse in culture, gender and age, all coming together to express our love for technology, build robots and most importantly: Have fun. We are Team Germany from Stuttgart, the center of the German automobile industry. Our school the Königin-Katharina-Stift has had FTC teams for nearly a decade and has this year hosted the only German FTC Invitational.

We are truly excited to pass on the inspiration that FIRST Global has instilled in us. All of us are looking forward to a great event and meeting all of you this year in August. See you in Mexico!

(“Königin-Katharina-Stift” is our school’s name)

Kira (Spokesperson + Driver)
My name is Kira Fischer, I’m currently 17 years old and also finishing my last year at the Gymnasium. I moved to Germany four years ago and FIRST and my team have been a part of my life ever since. Though I was interested in STEM before, FIRST has enabled me to share my passion with my team. I will definitely pursue a career in STEM and am currently thinking about studying physics. Why? I would love to spend a lifetime building cool stuff and am looking forward to working at the frontiers of science. I also don’t want to stop passing my passion for these topics on, and hope to be able to inspire boys and girls in the future.

What I do on the team: Propaganda, Programming, Building
What I love most about our workshop: It’s ours. It’s chaotic. It’s habitable. I could move in there.
My favorite robot: Data from Star Trek
The most disgusting thing I found in our workshop: Our sink
Funniest experience: Being Quewak, the frog mascot. Being Quewak the frog mascot and dancing macarena at the airport.
Favorite REV part, and why: The rope. Last year we spent hours unraveling it, so we could make a net.
How much I love caffeine: I love my tea.
What would you do for chocolate: Anything. Literally anything.
Favorite drink: Hot milk with honey. Or eggnog.

Lynn (Driver)
My name is Lynn Förster, I am 17 years old and have gotten to know FIRST through the FIRST Lego League when I was 11. While we had some difficulties starting out, we learned a lot and eventually managed to proceed to the European semi finals. Since then, I have participated in many more science competitions where I discovered my passion for STEM. Building robots has inspired me to pursue a career in STEM and I want to study Computer Science at college once I am finished with high school in a few months.

What I do on the team: Blogging, Building, Programming.
What I love most about our workshop: It’s like the living room of our school – the most comfortable place to work or hang out in, and it never gets boring.
My favorite robot: I would have to say Marvin.
The most disgusting thing I found in our workshop: An old lunchbox with unidentifiable contents.
Funniest experience: Playing Cards Against Humanity with other FGC 2017 teams in our dorm lobby in Washington DC.
Favorite REV part, and why: I’d have to say the rope after last year because it is a practically infinitely versatile part. The net was a pretty funny idea.
How much I love caffeine: WHEEEEEEEEEEEE
What would you do for chocolate: Depends.
Favorite drink: Cola. Definitely Cola.

Eylert (Human Player)
My name is Eylert Elian Phileas Gamaliel Dieckmann. I’m 14 years old and I came in touch with FIRST trough FIRST Lego League. I participated the first time when I was 12 years old with some friends from my class. We were not successful and my friends left the team. But I said I stay and try to get better. After taking part twice I founded a FTC team. After one time of taking part in FTC I was asked if I want to join team Germany. I don’t know what to do after school but I’m sure that it will have to do something with robots.

What I do on the team: Building, looking for sponsors
What I love most about our workshop: Working together in a team
My favorite robot: Nearly all robots from Boston Dynamics
The most disgusting thing I found in our workshop: A sink full of dirty dishes
Funniest experience: We have fun nearly every day
Favorite REV part, and why: Control hub because this part is necessary for all robots and combines many modules into one
How much I love caffeine: Sometimes it is helpful for long days in the workshop
What would you do for chocolate: Depends on how much and which chocolate we are talking about
Favorite drink: Coca Cola

Robert (Mentor)
My Name is Robert Graf, I am 19 years of age and just finished the Gymnasium (~High School) and received my Abitur. I live in Kornwestheim, a town bordering Stuttgart and commute everyday for about half an hour. I became interested in Science and Technology when I was 8 years old. Since then I participated in many science competitions. In 2014 I participated in FTC for the first time and loved it. That is why I also participated in the following two seasons, where we also proceeded to Worlds. I decided to mentor this team, because I wanted to pass on my passion for FIRST and STEM. As one may be able to guess, I love STEM. That is why in September I will study mechanical engineering in cooperation with a company.

What I do on the team: Mentoring, organisational stuff, social media management
What I love most about our workshop: The people
My favorite robot: Terminator
The most disgusting thing I found in our workshop: Alexis
Funniest experience: We permanently have fun
Favorite REV part, and why: HEX Shafts, because they are way better than the typical D-profile axle
How much I love caffeine? 7/10
What would you do for chocolate: Pay 1€ for it
Favorite drink: Ice cold coke

Alexis (Captain)
I am a 17 years old student currently in my final year at school. I live in Kirchheim, a town in the area of Stuttgart with a nearby nuclear power plant and a coal power station. I am interested in STEM since forever. When I was in grade 5, I started with FLL. Back then, me and my team were not very successful, but we kept going and eventually got better and better. Besides school, I always kept tinkering, learned to solder, to program, to design something in CAD, etc. I identify myself as a maker, a dreamer and a builder. The passion for STEM and curiosity and the will to learn something new is what is driving me.

After school, in a few months, I want to study physics to learn more about what is driving our world and eventually, one day, be able to contribute to science and do my own research. Lately, we also started with FTC and were very successful there as we became one of the best teams in Europe. Thus, we were also invited to the 2017 FIRST Global Challenge in Washington. Now, I am excitedly looking forward to the event in Mexico, to meet all those great people from around the world.

What I do on the team: Take Pictures and Videos, Building, Outreach, whatever needs to be done
What I love most about our workshop: The young LEGO-kids and us working and learning together
My favorite robot: TARS from Interstellar
The most disgusting thing I found in our workshop: Our FIRST Global robot from last year which fell apart when you looked at it
Funniest experience: Enjoying the my free time with my team, play games, go grilling, have fun…
Favorite REV part, and why: The servos because they are reliable, versatile and programmable
How much I love caffeine: It’s more like an addiction…
What would you do for chocolate: Sell a kidney. Or a robot. Or just buy it.
Favorite drink: Root Beer

Energy Situation

Germany is currently rebuilding its energy system and constantly evolving towards renewable energies. This process of major change has coined the term Energiewende, literally “energy turning point”.

As such, the duality of energy is still present in daily life, as the example of our team member Alexis shows. There are both a nuclear power plant and a coal power station in the process of shutting down in his hometown, what represents Germany’s energy situation pretty well.

However, there has been a huge shift towards renewable energies, too, facilitated by a traditionally strong movement against atomic energy. As such, renewable energies have become more and more popular, many people have installed solar panels on the roofs of their hourses like Alexis’ family has done, and renewable energies now make up about 35% in the electricity system.

There has also been a lot of innovation in the field of renewable energies, for example in the technology of solar panels and recently, wind turbines. Germany has been building huge windparks in the north over the last years, and last year, the biggest wind turbine in the world was finished barely 70 kilometers away from Stuttgart.

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